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D1NR National Safe Boating Campaign
The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary First District Northern Regionís National Safe Boating Campaign is a collaborative campaign message led by national partners including the Coast Guard and National Safe Boating Council.

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Message from COMO Grossimon

"Itís no secret to any of us that boating safety is why we are all here. What is less well known is that National Boating Safety Week started right here, in the First District, Northern Region as a way of promoting what is now known as the Vessel Safety Check.  One of the challenges we have is that National Safe Boating week occurs in May and many of our area boaters have not even launched at that point. That doesnít matter.  The ďspiritĒ, if you will, of National Safe Boating week should be with us throughout the season.  We can use NSBW to promote our services to the boater so that when their boat is in the water, we are ready to assist them with a Vessel Safety Check whenever they request it.  Vessel Safety Checks do indeed save lives.  Vessel Safety Checks are one of the best ways for members to make a direct impact by having the one on one interaction with the boater.  Letís set our sights to the week of 18-24 May and hit the docks hard to get the word out and hit the ground running !"

Charlie Grossimon
District Commodore
First District, Northern Region

COMO Grossimon describes educational initiatives for recreational paddlecraft operators.

COMO Charlie Grossimon addressing March 23rd Sector Boston AUXPAD Ashore Outreach Workshop focused on RBS activities toward educating recreational paddle craft users.


2019 National Safe Boating Week Committee

Ray Julian Chair   
Jim Maxner ASC-SNNE
Jim Healy ASC-SBOS
Dennis Jaques ASC-SSENE West
Chris Kenely ASC-SSENE East
Duane Minton DCAPT-SNNE
Marshall Ronco DDC-P
Robert Amiro DSO-VE
Kathlene Ruhan DSO-PA
Wes Baden DSO-PB

District Outreach Resources

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Resources for Divisions and Flotillas:


More Links and Resources: 

    State Proclamations 2019

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NSBW Proclamation - State of MaineSafe Boating Week Proclamation - New Hampshire

                             Maine                                                         New Hampshire


NSBW Proclamation - MassachusettsNSBW Proclamation - Rhode Island

                   Massachusetts                                                      Rhode Island


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Materials for NSBW from ANSC  

3000  vessel safety check 3022  US Aids to navigation system
3004A  Be smart be safe have fun 3023   Join the Coast Guard Auxiliary
3004B Paddle reflector 3024   Saved by the signal
3010  coloring book 3026   Water Way Watch
3020  aids to navigation 3032   The right life Jacket
3020   Radio call procedures  




Vessel Safety Check Events

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RBS Program Visitor/Public Affairs Displays


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